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Join the 100's of highly satisfied clients all around the UK who receive a friendly personalised service all year round

Limited company formation services

A fast track & individually tailored service

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Small business start up and structuring advice

We can help you achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions and expertly structure and manage your Tax & Accountancy responsibilities.

Fast track transfer

We can contact your existing accountants to arrange a professional transfer.

 "...I have been extremely pleased with the efficient and friendly service you offer, and it's nice to do business with someone you can trust..."  

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Established companies can benefit as follows:

  • 100% remote based service and paperless technology. Appoint us, communicate with us, transfer information, and electronically approve submissions from anywhere in the world. A convenient service with no meetings. Ideal for the busy professional and entrepreneur.

  • Avoid an ‘automated’ service or ‘standardised’ advice. We offer a truly personalised service based on expertise and not just simplicity.

  • Communicate with a dedicated expert (not a helpdesk or account manager) who will understand and have an ongoing knowledge of your affairs.

  • No administrative staff to oversee professional work or liaise with clients on technical matters.

  • A critical review of the company's tax affairs. We calculate more than two thirds of clients who have appointed us from another firm improved on their overall tax & NIC position following a review we conduct into the calculations / submissions / advice supplied by the outgoing accountant. A repayment can be obtained from HMRC where a claim is not time barred.

  • No data entry obligations. If you do not wish to use our software, spreadsheet, or an online system, you can simply forward us your raw records and we will handle the data entry on your behalf. This is a useful feature for companies with directors or staff who are too busy or unable to prepare the records themselves.

New companies can also benefit as follows:

  • A helping hand to ensure a smooth transition for new directors. We will help you with the inevitable questions and concerns you will have.

  • Specialised, intelligent and upto date tax advice from day 1. We will advise you on structuring your affairs efficiently from the outset.

  • Full recordkeeping advice to suit your own ability and needs (rather than what suits us).

  • Professional integrity. We do not employ any marketing techniques or offer any commission based services. A growing number of online accountants cross market financial investment or insurance products which are leveraged towards high commission rates for the accountant. This results in advice being supplied solely for the purpose of encouraging these products without consideration of the client's best long term interests.

The fixed fee package includes:

The Limited Company Package

Statutory company accounts (Full and Abbreviated)

Accountant 2U Direct™ prepare accounts to 'full' FRSSE / FRS 102 standard and in accordance with the beneficial provisions in Part 15 of the Companies Act applicable to companies subject to the small companies regime (view Sample). We can discuss and tailor the accounts before finalisation and incorporate bespoke accounting policies where appropriate. Abbreviated accounts are also prepared to protect your confidentiality. (A bound / digital copy will be provided).

Corporation tax compliance

Full corporation tax compliance with the Company tax returns prepared in accordance with our expert tax advice. Full schedules are included as part of the package, including overdrawn directorship loans and interest payments.

Self assessment tax return

Full personal tax return compliance for the director with the Self Assessment return prepared in accordance with our expert tax advice (view SA Tax return package).

Diligent HMRC disclosure compliance

Full submission to HM Revenue & Custom of returns and supporting explanatory schedules tailored to your company. Our techniques could help reduce the necessity of any HMRC investigation and you can be more confident that your tax affairs can be held up to scrutiny. Under 0.5% of our 100's of clients have ever had an enquiry from HMRC over the past full 10 years (upto March 2018).  

Supplementary income

Supplementary sources of director's personal income included such as property (Click here) and investment income.

Dividend compliance

Full dividend declaration advice. Unlike fully automated competitors, we can carefully consider bespoke circumstances and calculate the distributable profits in full accordance with company law and as part of an overall cashflow and tax planning strategy.


Periodical payroll calculation and payslip production for the full year for the director/s and partner / spouse (where applicable).

PAYE RTI compliance

PAYE end of year forms and returns (with comprehensive expense claims and benefit in kind reporting). PAYE mid year submissions to comply with the RTI regulations (with full EPS and FPS reporting). This includes P60, P11, P11D and P11Db.

Tax / NIC claims

We consider both the company and directors’s affairs in strict detail to ensure corporation tax / income tax / NIC claims are made in synergy and as part of an overall beneficially structured strategy.

Bespoke tax reviews / critical assessments

We will endeavour to minimise your overall tax / NIC liability year after year using our expert knowledge & tax planning reviews. Our clients can expect an active approach to tax / NIC mitigation.

A personalised service and ongoing support

Your own personal contact who will endeavour to understand your affairs and provide a caring and personalised service at your convenience (no separate departments or personnel).

Submissions and advice will be prepared and supplied with the clarity and explanation that suit your individual requirements.

Consult us throughout the year to confidentially discuss any aspect of your accountancy, tax or business affairs. We will be available to provide explanation and clarification on queries that arise during the course of our relationship.

Instant communication

We are instantly available by telephone (0800 Free call), e-mail, post, facsimile, online form, SMS text, VOIP, or via our online live messenger system. We endeavor to respond to all client communications rapidly - within 1 to 24 hours where required.

Additional fixed fee options

Please (contact us) if any additional services are required.

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Advice from qualified experts

Professional ongoing advice for the company's and director's tax affairs and routine

company law matters.

Work and advice handled by qualified and experienced professional staff (Tax compliance work finalised by minimum technician exam passed Tax experts).

HMRC Communication

We will correspond with HM Revenue and Customs in respect to your routine tax affairs as registered agents. All calculations / notices / letters examined and advised upon.

Flexible recordkeeping

We will professionally advise you on the best method that suits your circumstances and abilities. We can adapt to your requirements and you may use our free simple and easy to use software, or a bespoke spreadsheet, raw records, or 24/7 online solution. Full support is provided.

Accountant references

Mortgage / loan / tenant references provided to third parties in aid to routine applications. Our vast experience of supplying references to the main UK lenders is a valuable resource to our clients. We can specifically assist directors of our limited company clients in obtaining mortgages through tailored references.

VAT services  (VAT registered companies only)

VAT return preparation / submission (online) and expert VAT advisory. Advice on schemes and advanced planning to achieve the most financially beneficial long term outcome.

Company formation & Registration (New business)

Fast track company formation and registration for Corporation tax / PAYE / VAT (click here)

Company law compliance

Statutory routine company compliance administration and submissions to Companies House (including the Annual return).

Tax planning and profit extraction advice

Expert level tax advice - Worth £100's alone in fees and potentially £10,000's in minimised taxes / NIC's in the longer term.

All our advice is ethical, lawful, and can be confirmed in writing with supporting legislative material where appropriate

Our expertise enables us to proactively provide personalised advice over and above standard support or generic guidance. Full periodical (monthly or quarterly) tax efficient profit extraction advice is included on an ongoing basis which is structured to be truly bespoke and non automated. Our attention to detail on tax mitigation matters has to be experienced to be appreciated.

We will advise you of routine tax options & opportunities and provide ideas which

suit the size and nature of your income and also the immediate and long term personal circumstances of the shareholders and directors. We endeavour to provide you with access to the latest strategic tax planning and tax mitigation ideas where appropriate.

"..I’ve always valued your advice and your excellent service which is why I’ve recommended you to others many times.."

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"..Thanks for the advice....you are absolutely right....something we didn't think about.."

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"..Thank you very much for this full and comprehensive advice....your work is very much appreciated...I have followed all your advice.."

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This is a comprehensive 'All in one' package including all of the necessary services to safeguard that the company's Accountancy and Tax compliance duties are fully satisfied and managed throughout the year to the highest professional standard.

Our service is uniquely tailored towards businesses whose key priority is minimising their Tax and National insurance liabilities to the fullest extent of the current law.

We provide clients personalised and upto date tax mitigation advice on an ongoing basis which takes into account both the company's and director’s immediate and long term circumstances.

We will provide intelligent and up to date advice on how both the company's and director's taxes can be kept to a legal minimum.

As an ‘expert level’ firm of tax specialists, we have the authority to advise you in structuring your affairs in the most tax efficient way throughout the life cycle of the company.

Our client base varies from small or newly established traders to established groups.

We can also cater for entrepreneurs seeking to operate multi trades though their limited company.

Our clients can expect an outstanding level of service with friendly support.