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We can help you achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions and expertly structure and manage your Tax & Accountancy responsibilities.

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The Sole Trader Package

Our package provides all the essential services to ensure that your accountancy & tax compliance duties are efficiently satisfied and that your business / professional Tax & NIC liabilities are minimised through our expert tax advice.

The fixed fee package includes:

Professional business accounts

Prepared to comprehensively meet tax law requirements, we will discuss and prepare detailed business accounts from your records.

Self assessment tax return

Full personal tax return compliance with the Self Assessment return prepared in accordance with our expert tax advice.

Tax / NIC claims and planning

Tax / National Insurance claims and compliance planning for your self employment income

Bespoke tax reviews / critical assessments

We will endeavor to minimise your tax and NIC liability year after year using our expert tax planning review. We will aim to advise you of routine tax options & opportunities and provide ideas which suit the size and nature of your business

Cash basis planning

Full analysis on whether the new simplified cash basis scheme is beneficial from a tax perspective and transitional utilisation of the scheme if required

Supplementary income included

Additional sources of income such as property rental income and investment income also included.

HMRC communication

Corresponding fully with HM Revenue and Customs in respect of your routine tax affairs. All calculations / notices examined

Professional bespoke advice

Professional ongoing advice for your personal and business tax affairs and other general business matters within our field of expertise.

Expert level professionals

Work and advice handled by qualified and experienced professional staff. (Tax compliance work finalised by minimum technician exam passed Tax experts)

Flexible recordkeeping

We will professionally advise you on the best method that suits your circumstances and abilities. We can adapt to your requirements and you may use our free simple and easy to use software, or a bespoke spreadsheet, raw records, or 24/7 online solution. Full support is provided.

Accountant references

Mortgage / loan / tenant references provided to third parties in aid to routine applications.


Where applicable, we will assist you in growing your business if by providing referrals wherever possible.

A personalised service and ongoing support

Your own personal contact who will endeavour to understand your affairs and provide a caring and personalised service at your convenience (no separate departments or personnel).

Submissions and advice will be prepared and supplied with the clarity and explanation that suit your individual requirements.We will be available to provide explanation and clarification on queries that arise during the course of our relationship.

Instant communication

We are instantly available by telephone (0800 Free call), e-mail, post, facsimile, online form, SMS text, VOIP, or via our online live messenger system. We endeavor to respond to all client communications rapidly - within 1 to 24 hours where required.

Additional fixed fee options

Please (contact us) if any additional services are required.

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