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Limited company formation services

A fast track & individually tailored service

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Small business start up and structuring advice

We can help you achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions and expertly structure and manage your Tax & Accountancy responsibilities.

Fast track transfer

We can contact your existing accountants to arrange a professional transfer.

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Tax consultancy service

How we can help

Our exceptionally strong specialist tax capability enables us to provide a valuable advisory service to those who are interested in materially reducing their tax liabilities.

We have an appreciation that taxation is a critically important area for Small businesses, Contractors / freelancers, Property investors, or other Private individuals.

"..That's brilliant news! - I am most impressed and grateful. I was expecting a tax bill of some £20k more.." (Unsolicited and verifiable written client quote)

With a team of qualified and experienced tax professionals, we can provide confidential & strategic tax planning advice to Individuals or Corporate clients on structuring their tax affairs in the most efficient way whilst also helping you in complying with the growing number of tax laws.

As a firm of expert level Tax Advisers you can be assured of the highest standard of professional conduct.

We only provide advice that is ethical, lawful and in line with legislative intention. We do not offer nor market any artificial or high risk strategies.

We have an enviable track record and maintain a profound and expert knowledge of the tax system and are able to provide practically helpful and elegant solutions, all of which are ethical and fall outside HMRC’s anti avoidance disclosure scheme.

With an entrepreneurial approach to tax planning and a touch of creative thinking, we also have a strong understanding of commercial realities.

You have a legal right to pay the minimum amount of tax the current law permits. This is empowered by nearly a hundred years of case law.

“..Every man is entitled, if he can, to order his affairs so that the tax attaching under the appropriate Acts is less than it otherwise would be.” (Duke of Westinister V CIR 1935)

“..Every time people try to punish the rich, the rich don't simply comply, they react…They have the money, power and intent to change things…They do not just sit there and voluntarily pay more taxes…They search for ways to minimize their tax burden…They hire smart - accountants….they have the resources to effect change..” (Robert T. Kiyosaki - Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, the No. 1 Personal Finance book of all time)

Such is the reputation of our tax expertise that we have clients around the UK who are themselves chartered accountants / financial experts who employ our services to help with their own complex tax issues.

Many of our ethical ideas are developed in-house and we provide a truly bespoke service to match our clients individual circumstances.

View a selection of examples of how our expertise has helped taxpayers all around the UK: (Examples of our experience)

Our clients regularly recommend us to their friends, family and business associates.

Perhaps you require written or verbal advice on a particular matter or a review of a contract / business structure.

Illustrations of work we can undertake includes:

Our fees

Where practical we will agree on a fixed fee.

Where a fixed fee is impractical, our charges will be calculated by reference to the time spent on your affairs. An estimate can be provided and we can advise you when unbilled fees reach pre-agreed levels to request your permission to incur further time. Our hourly rate will vary on the complexity and nature of the work involved.

The basis of invoicing will be agreed with you in advance.

We will normally provide ongoing tax advice on routine tax planning / compliance matters for no additional cost as part of our outstanding value (Fixed fee packages)

The next step

Please (contact us) for an initial discussion about your requirements.

In all cases, tax planning should commence as early as possible. Timely strategic planning produces the best result and a lower risk of HMRC challenge.

The ethos of Accountant 2U Direct is convenience, value, and technical tax expertise.

You can avoid physical meetings and unnecessary overheads through our use of technology and also benefit from bespoke strategic tax advice that considers your long term interests.

"..Thanks for the excellent advice and very prompt service...I will be acting upon it.." (Unsolicited and verifiable written client quote)

"..The report was as comprehensive as ever and answered most of the issues I needed to address.." (Unsolicited and verifiable written client quote)

"..Many thanks again for the absolute clarity of your advice.." (Unsolicited and verifiable written client quote)

"..Thank you very much for sorting this out...very pleased with the result.." (Unsolicited and verifiable written client quote)

" ..Your report received today, many thanks...one quick read through evidenced I believe it is both thorough and comprehensive..." (Unsolicited and verifiable written client quote)