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Small business start up and structuring advice

We can help you achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions and expertly structure and manage your Tax & Accountancy responsibilities.

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We can contact your existing accountants to arrange a professional transfer.

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Technical centre

Government Budget analysis

Summaries of the main announcements which affect Small businesses, Contractors / Freelancers, Private individuals and Landlords are outlined below:

2021: (Click here)

2020: (Click here)

2019: (Click here)

Accounting policies tax planning

One of our specialities is tailoring bespoke accounting policies for individual business that comply with GAAP and tax rules. A change in policy can be lawfully used for tax planning where the deferral or early inclusion of income is beneficial for long term tax mitigation. For example, a business may recognise income on long term contracts in a variety of ways or a business may sell goods on consignment / sale or return which results in income only being recognised until the goods are actually sold.

The above speciality is one of the many reasons clients choose our firm over the fully automated accountancy firms whose fixed processing systems cannot cope with such bespoke tax planning flair.

Research and development tax credits

We can expertly assess your activities and prepare the claim together with a supporting report to obtain the enhanced expense deduction or payable credit.

Our unique approach is to ensure that the claim is structured in a bespoke and ethical manner that is for your own best long term interests. We do not use template claim forms and do not charge fees based on commissions. The claim structure involves a number of options so a medium / long term strategy should always be adopted.

Our recent experience includes successfully claiming R & D tax credits for a innovative multi million pound software development company involved in creating simulation software used by financial institutions.

An increasing number of activities now qualify which means even the smallest of businesses need to ensure that due diligence is carried out to review whether a claim is possible. Strict timescales are imposed by HMRC.

Directors with property income

Directors who conduct their trade through a limited company and also have property income in their own personal names need to exercise extra due diligence in calculating the maximum dividends they can extract without incurring taxes above the basic rate band. Finance / mortgage costs are now restricted and subject to a special calculation that can push directors into a higher rate of tax. Bespoke strategies must be created at the start of the tax year. It is becoming increasingly essential that landlords no longer engage other accountants who may use standard templates or automated systems to calculate the optimum dividend strategy.

Basic tax tips


Tax podcasts (Audio)

HMRC New compliance checks - Listen to how HMRC's new compliance checks regime could affect individuals and businesses (Click here)

Other resources

Banking services

Through our partnerships, we can assist clients with setting up a free business bank account under a fast track service.

Mortgage services

We can assist clients (including those operating through a limited company, the self employed, and landlords) in obtaining finance through the provision of professional references. Our vast experience of supplying references to the main UK lenders is a valuable resource to our clients.

External links

(HM Revenue & Customs)

HMRC is responsible for collecting the bulk of the country's tax revenue.

(Companies House)

Responsible for incorporating and dissolving limited companies, examining and storing company information delivered under the Companies Act and related legislation, and making this information available to the public.

(HM Treasury)

The Treasury is the United Kingdom's economics and finance ministry. It is responsible for formulating and implementing the Government's financial and economic policy.